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Shree Perk Foods

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Perk Foods is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of an assorted range of products. The range of products that we bring to the clients includes Indian Marwari Pickle (Green Chilli Pickle, Gunda Pickle, Lemon Pickle, Mango Pickle, Ker Pickle and Ker Sangri Pickle), Fruit Concentrate (Falsa Concentrate, Guava Concentrate, Jamun Concentrate, Litchi Concentrate, Mango Concentrate, Pineapple Concentrate, Pomegranate Concentrate and Kachi Keri Concentrate), Amla Juice, Papaya Candy and Bael Concentrate. We assure that our Fruit concentrates are having 50% fruit pulp, 40% sugar and 10% water. Moreover, there is no color and essence added. Also, the juices that are ready to drink consist of 20% fruit pulp and 15% sugar syrup and remaining water. Read more...